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EYEIMPROVER lets anyone improve eyesight without surgery. With our industry-leading non-invasive, safe and effective ophthalmologic methodic you can training the eye muscles at home. Its effect is based on changeable distance to the object in focus, and also on the impulse color stimulation of the ciliary muscle.

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Our Core Features

Little time

Need 3min/day


This method has been approved by leading ophthalmologists.


No linses


Prevention and correction

Gamification process

Designed to be mobile, game and comfortable

For all

For adults and children 3+

Used even by astronauts

EYEMPROVER has successfully passed clinical approbation at the Institute of Ophthalmology and in 5 independent medical institutions.

EEMPROVER is used in kindergartens, schools, boarding houses, medical or ophthalmological centers, sanatoriums, rehabilitation centers, as well as used to restore vision in the first period of re-adaptation of astronauts after flights.

How it works

Easy to use

Press the power button, take EYEIMPROVER in one hand, hold the eyepiece with the other hand and slowly move the large tube away from you, look at the distant image, (planets, satellites). Then look at the near picture, (stars), and rotate the eyepiece. After that, slide the pipe back, looking at the distant picture. Repeat 5 times, then press the button until the blinking mode turns on and repeat 5 times, then repeat for the other eye.

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Yoga for the eyes

The ciliary muscles of the eyes are strengthened, which makes it possible to see more clearly, the effect of double vision disappears, and color perception increases.

By improving blood circulation during training, the flow of beneficial and nutrients to the muscles of the eyes improves, which contributes to tissue regeneration.

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My son had strabismus and treatment in ophthalmological clinics did not help him. Then this wonderful device was created, which improved my son's vision from 10% to 95% in the right eye and from 65% to 100% in the left. Inspired by such an incredible result, we began to conduct clinical testing and saw that the device also helps adults. We were so impressed and started to refine our device. All of our employees and their families have already improved their eyesight. We tried very hard, because our mission is: We make life easier in the name of the health of children of the world! Therefore, we decided to share our invention with the whole world.

Olga Oshurkova


I have purchased this trainer to help me preserve my eyesight. I work all day with spreadsheets and numbers on the computer straining my eyes enormously. With the help of the trainer I can give me eyes a break, re-charge them and stimulate blood flow to them. I have been doing it 4-5 times a day and notice a big difference in the way my eyes feel by the end of day. I definitely experience less pain , watering and fuzziness on the days when I use this trainer.


Buyer from San Francisco

Good day! This is my son, he is now 8 years old. When he was born, his right eye was completely reduced to the nose. Accordingly, the eyesight was poor. He constantly bumped into something. Ophthalmologists could not do anything, they said that it was age-related. But time passed and nothing changed. And in 2017 we saw a program in which we talked about the EYEIMPROVER device. We immediately ordered this device and two weeks later the courier brought it to us. For three years now my child has been engaged and the result, as they say, is obvious! Strabismus is gone, vision is slowly recovering! The child is happy that now he can see better! And I am very glad that now he does not break his forehead on the jambs in the house! We are grateful that we have created such a wonderful device! It is very easy to use. A child can independently train with him, without the help of his parents. It runs on ordinary batteries, which is also very convenient! I would recommend this device to all children who have eyesight problems! Training with EYEIMPROVER really helps!


Vasya's mom