Frequently Asked Questions.

It depends on age, initial diagnosis, comorbidities, lifestyle, and regular training. Improving the clarity and color of our patients feel after the first classes, however, for more significant improvements, time is needed, on average, from 2 weeks or more. In some cases (for example, squint in children) it may take more than a year.
Every day for 2.5-3 min. a day. You can conduct courses for 10 days per month. For example, start on the 1st of each month and finish 10. If a child is sick, you can skip classes, but you need to strive to ensure that there are at least 10 classes per month. If you want, you can practice 2-3 times a day, in this case, it is necessary that the total amount of time does not exceed 15 minutes per day.
The resulting effect persists in most cases, but we must remember that the modern lifestyle contributes to the deterioration of vision, as well as age-related changes also affect the eyesight, therefore, it is better that you continue training so that your eyesight does not deteriorate. The most important thing in this method is the regularity of training Please do not stop after the first successful improvements.
If less than 75 years old, then improvement of eyesight is possible, if later than 75, then it is only possible to stop the deterioration of eyesight and retain the possibility for self-service. The trainer improves blood circulation and due to the fact that the influx of beneficial and nutrients to the eyes increases, tissue regeneration improves.
The device is safe for use due to the fact that it has a lensless design. However, it is not recommended to use the simulator (in blinking mode) for people suffering from epilepsy and is also not recommended for conjunctivitis and severe mental illness.
If you can focus well on images without glasses throughout the entire session, you can be training without glasses. If you do not see the images inside well, then it is better to training with glasses or lenses.
EYEIMPROVER perfectly improves accommodation and contributes to prevention, also improves blood circulation, relieves dry eyes, also helps with certain types of migraines, relieves stress during long-term visual exertion.

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